By Room

By Room

Have you or has somebody you know just bought a new house? Maybe you’re moving away to university? Perhaps you just feel a certain room needs an update or some cool home accessories to tie it all together. As you go through our pages for each room and pick up some great room ideas for your new home, be sure to also browse our great Mother's Day gifts and Father's Day gifts.

Living Room

As the social hub of many houses, the lounge or living room is somewhere that needs to balance comfort, style and functionality. One important aspect in creating the perfect lounge is making it comfortable, to do this, pair soft furnishings, primarily cushions and throws with seating areas. Have a look at IWOOT’s selection of cushions and your living room will be stylish too! The lighting in the living room should also be taken into consideration; it can entirely change the tone and ambiance of a home.So make sure to check out our contemporary lighting ideas if you’re looking for something to brighten, soften or personalise your living room.


Sleep is an exceptionally important part of a healthy routine, so making sure you love your bedroom is crucial. Ensure that you have sufficient storage to keep your environment tidy and some cool wall art to set a positive tone. Another important feature of your bedroom is a good clock, that way you’ll sleep well and not have to worry about lying in on weekdays!


Some people would argue that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Here at IWOOT we have a great selection of products to help improve and enhance your kitchen, from cups and mugs, unique and wonderful food and drink accessories , bar accessories, as well as more general kitchen accessories and appliances. Finally, if you need something to help transform your cooking skills along with your kitchen then check out our great cookware, you’ll be signing yourself up for the bake off in no time!

Dining Room

A dining room can be formal or relaxed depending on the way you choose to decorate it. Browse our range of fruit bowls, dinner sets and cutlery to inspire your dining room, whether it’s for a dinner party or a children’s birthday party, there is something for every occasion.


Here at IWOOT we think the key to having a lovely bathroom is keeping it clean and tidy. We have a number of great products that will help make the most of the space, as well as a fantastic selection of towels that will help keep you clean too!


Keeping your office organised is extremely important at work and at home. IWOOT has an excellent range of storage and stationary that will help you keep your desk straight and ready for any stressful moments. We also have great desk lamps and office lighting that will help if you need to work late into the night.


Gardens can be heaven for both children and adults, particularly in the summer months.Take a look at our wide range of planters, garden tools and barbecue ideas to make the most out of your outdoor space all year round.